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  1. Yale Smart Lock Remote Fob
    £54.46 £45.38
  2. Yale Keyless Smart Lock Proximity Tag
    As low as £3.77 £3.14
  3. Sure Standalone Alarm
    £6.59 £5.49
  4. ezlok CCTV Warning Sign
    £6.94 £5.78
  5. ezlok Dummy CCTV Camera
    £31.70 £26.42
  6. ezlok Dummy CCTV Camera Dome
    £17.47 £14.56
  7. ezlok 19" CCTV Monitor
    £198.88 £165.73
  8. ezlok 8 Way Power Splitter
    £11.40 £9.50
  9. Ezlok BNC "T" Adapter
    £1.80 £1.50
  10. ezlok PIR 'Spy' Camera
    £65.80 £54.83
  11. ezlok PTZ Joystick Controller
    £172.16 £143.47
  12. ezlok CCTV Connector Kit
    £100.03 £83.36
  13. Visonic PowerMax GSM Dialler
    £297.76 £248.13

Items 1-36 of 69

per page
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Our Alarm & CCTV section includes all different types of security from small personal alarms which can always be carried on you, to large CCTV dummy camera and Contract activated standalone alarms.

Some different types of small alarms we supply are the gas operated personal alarm, which can sound for up to 6 minutes in panic situations, or Keyring battery operated alarms which operates by the press of a button.

These are all different method of security which scare off burglars and any predators which may want to harm you or people around you. They not only do this, but they make you feel safer and more secure wherever you are, allowing you to relax and calming any anxiety or worries.

We also supply accessories to go with these alarms, such as batteries, connectors and signs to also warm the intruder of any systems you have in place. Even by having these signs and Dummy CCTV cameras will not only alert people but warn them and scare off unwanted guests.