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  1. Abus Cobra Cable Loop
    As low as £11.46 £9.55
  2. Squire Double Loop Black Security Cable
    As low as £9.95 £8.29
  3. Ifam 2m Black Trans Locking Cable
    As low as £22.30 £18.58
  4. Squire Mako Combination Armoured Steel Cable Lock
    As low as £42.08 £35.07
  5. Ifam Street Key Locking Bike Cable
    As low as £8.68 £7.23
  6. Squire Black Hammerhead Combination U Lock
    As low as £72.04 £60.03
  7. Ifam Hardened Steel Pole 100 And 315 U Lock
    As low as £51.24 £42.70
  8. Ifam Spiral Junior Key Locking Cable Lock
    As low as £10.60 £8.83

22 Items

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Lockstation have a wide range of bike locks to suit all purposes including security at your workplace, home, or even on the go. We all know how distraught you may be if anything was to happen to your bike, whether it be a low spec bicycle to a top of the range Motorbike, we have the ideal solutions for keeping it safe.

Lockstation can supply Bicycle and Bike locks from a variety of manufacturers such as Master, Viro, Ifam, EZlok and so many more. We supply different types, from ones that immobilise the bike, to locks that fasten the bike to rails or Bike stands. Lockstation also have premium versions of Bike locks, which include motion detectors and sound alarms to scare off the burglar and warn you of the potential threat.

When it comes to bike locks Lockstation try to cover all the different types, which really helps our customers not only find the perfect one to suit them, but also helps you to learn more about the security and safety of your belongings.