Solenoid Bolts

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  1. Alpro EB501 Solenoid Bolt
    £162.72 £135.60
  2. Alpro DB25 Solenoid Bolt
    £610.25 £508.54
  3. Alpro EB250 Solenoid Bolt
    £443.80 £369.83
  4. TSS 1970 Solenoid Bolt
    £124.34 £103.62
  5. TSS 1960 Solenoid Bolt 210mm
    £150.76 £125.63
  6. ezlok Shear Lock
    £73.26 £61.05
  7. ezlok Electric Bolt
    £135.49 £112.91
  8. Trimec ES8000 V-Lock Electic Bolt
    £1,199.63 £999.69
  9. Trimec EL111 Cabinet Lock
    £377.71 £314.76

12 Items

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A Solenoid Bolt is a type mechanical or electronical locking mechanism, these bolts use solenoid to throw them into the keeps, therefore locking the door closed.

These bolts are available in different finishes, sizes and even different operations such as fail locked or fail unlocked. These are suitable for all areas commercial or residential and this is due to the fact the holding force on some of the ones we supply ranges up to 1,000kg’s.

Lockstation have Solenoid bolts from all kinds of manufacturers such as Tate Colson, Trimec and EZlok.