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  1. FUHR Split Spindle
    £6.48 £5.40
  2. Ezlok G-U Split Spindle
    £6.89 £5.74
  3. Fullex Split Spindle
    £2.54 £2.12
  4. ERA Split Spindle
    £2.54 £2.12
  5. TSS Door Lock Spindle
    £1.49 £1.24
  6. TSS Single Coat Hook
    £0.89 £0.74
  7. TSS Taylors Dummy Spindle
    £5.11 £4.26
  8. Winkhaus Split Spindle
    £9.02 £7.52
  9. Winkhaus Split Spindle - No Spring
    £8.78 £7.32
  10. VERSA Universal Window Handle Spindle
    £2.00 £1.67
  11. Union Monarch Spindle
    £8.94 £7.45
  12. VERSA Split Spindle
    £2.99 £2.49
  13. Hoppe Asgard Door Handle Screw and Spindle Pack
    £4.02 £3.35
  14. Ezlok SP758/759 Handle Spindles
    £1.51 £1.26

26 Items

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Door Spindles help the handle to operate with the locking mechanism in your door, also knows as the gearbox on your multipoint. These are available in all different lengths and diameters allowing you to easily source the correct one for your handles.

Here at Lockstation we supply these in either full length spindles, or split spindles. The difference in these would be that the split spindle has a pin in the inside which allows either lever to operate on it’s own, meaning if you have a split follower on your multipoint you would be able to open the door from the inside without the key, however need the use of the key on the outside.