UPVC & Multipoint Door Locks

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  1. Fullex Crimebeater Latch 3 Deadbolts Double Spindle Multipoint Door Lock
    £75.78 £63.15
  2. TSS UPVC Latch and Deadbolt Keep
    £8.38 £6.98
  3. TSS Finger Operated Shootbolts
    £3.98 £3.32
  4. VERSA Latch Deadbolt 4 Rollers Lift Lever Universal Repair Multipoint Door Lock
    £62.04 £51.70
  5. VERSA Top and Bottom Shootbolt Kit
    £14.11 £11.76
  6. VERSA Latch Deadbolt 2 Hook Split Spindle Timber and Composite Repair Multipoint Door Lock
    £120.50 £100.42
  7. Era Vectis Mortice Key Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock
    £158.58 £132.15
  8. Winkhaus Bi-Fold Gearbox
    £123.32 £102.77
  9. ERA Latch 3 Hooks 2 Rollers Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock
    £150.82 £125.68
  10. ERA Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks Split Spindle 44mm Flat White Faceplate Multipoint Door Lock
    £149.71 £124.76
  11. Era Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks Interlocking French Door Lock Split Spindle Multipoint
    £140.20 £116.83
  12. Mila Latch Deadbolt 4 Rollers Lift Lever Multipoint Door Lock
    £74.48 £62.07
  13. Yale Asgard Copy Gearbox Lift Lever or Double Spindle
    £38.48 £32.07
  14. Avocet Full Length Keep - Latch, Deadbolt, 2 Roller, 2 Hook, Option 1
    £36.18 £30.15
  15. Avocet UPVC Latch Deadbolt 2 Hookbolt 4 Roller Full Length Keep
    £36.12 £30.10
  16. Fullex Composite Latch and Deadbolt Centre Keep
    £4.80 £4.00

Items 1-36 of 506

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Set Descending Direction

A UPVC door lock, which is also known as a multipoint lock, is used mainly on UPVC doors, however some are also suitable for timber doors. These locks are usually a long faceplate, with multiple locking points on and they can be used for front doors on your house.

Most multipoint locks are operated by a cylinder, and if you have a key operated multipoint you turn the key multiple times to move the hooks, rollers and centre gearbox locking points. Lever operated multipoint locks are however more common, as by lifting the handle this will throw out any top and bottom locking points, leaving you to only need to turn the key to deadlock it which throws out the deadbolt in the centre gearbox. The other type of Multipoint lock you can get is the Auto Locking one, and the well-known version of this would be the Winkhaus AV2 Multipoint, which works with a Motor.

Lockstation supply all different types of multipoint locks and if you have an old lock which the gearbox is failing on, we even supply the centre gearbox on it’s own, therefore preventing you from spending more on the full mechanism when this is not always necessary.