Electronic Strike Releases

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  1. Trimec ES151 Electric Release
    £374.08 £311.73
  2. JIS Narrow Style 12v AC/DC Electronic Strike Release
    £24.02 £20.02
  3. JIS symmetrical Style 12v AC DC Electronic Strike Release
    £21.60 £18.00
  4. Adams Rite 7113 Narrow Electric Release
    £307.25 £256.04
  5. TSS 900 Electric Release Faceplate
    £4.07 £3.39
  6. TSS 901 Electric Strike Release Faceplate
    £2.29 £1.91
  7. Adams Rite 7100 Electric Strike Release Extension Lips
    £72.82 £60.68
  8. Alpro AL2000 High Security Electric Release
    £379.64 £316.37
  9. Alpro AL110 Electric Release Extension Lips
    £22.69 £18.91
  10. Alpro EL900 ANSI Electric Release
    £96.86 £80.72

Items 1-36 of 58

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Set Descending Direction

Electronic Strike Releases are commonly used on entrance doors and they are available in a variety of holding forces from 300KG-1300kg’s. They fit into the frame of the door, almost the same way a keep does on lever or key operated locks rather than electronic.

These Strike Releases come in different Voltages also, allowing them to cover a much wider range of doors that your average 12v DV. They come in Fail Locked or Fail Unlocked options too, which allows you to choose the most convinnant option and keep belongings safe in the case of a power cut.