Mortice Locks

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  1. Legge 641/761 Value British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock
    £30.92 £25.77
  2. Legge 642/762 Value British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock
    £31.96 £26.63
  3. Imperial G7011/G7012 Horizontal Euro Mortice Sashlock
    £59.38 £49.48
  4. Imperial G8040 Compact Bathroom Lock
    £14.60 £12.17
  5. Union L2041 Oval Horizontal Mortice Sashlock
    £63.37 £52.81
  6. Union L2049 Horizontal Euro Mortice Sashlock
    £59.41 £49.51
  7. Union L2270 2D2 Dual Mortice Sashlock Case Satin Chrome
    £119.02 £99.18
  8. Union L2341 Oval Mortice Nightlatch
    £65.68 £54.73
  9. Union L2349 Euro Mortice Nightlatch
    £65.68 £54.73
  10. Union 2C2 Euro Mortice Nightlatch
    £24.50 £20.42
  11. Union L2C25 Euro Deadlocking Mortice Nightlatch
    £28.33 £23.61
  12. Union L2C26 Euro Escape Mortice Sashlock
    £71.78 £59.82
  13. Union L2C27 Bathroom Mortice Sashlock
    £27.91 £23.26
  14. Willenhall M4 Upright Euro 2" Mortice Deadlock
    £33.32 £27.77
  15. Securefast SKSB2 British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock
    £31.99 £26.66
  16. ERA Viscount Bolt Thrower
    £0.65 £0.54

Items 1-36 of 336

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Set Descending Direction

Mortice locks come in a variety of different types, such as sashlocks, deadlocks, latches, escape locks and many more. They are usually all metal cases or locks which go into the door, with only the faceplate left on show on the side. Mortice locks are held into place by screws and if it’s a mortice case then the cylinder / barrel also holds these into place.

Mortice latches are usually used with knob sets on interior doors, therefore allowing the door to be locked. These can be used for bathrooms, as well as the horizontal mortice locks and bathroom locks.

These locks come in a range of finishes, therefore allowing them to match other furniture in the room. They also come in several different sizes which helps to find one which can be used as a replacement without having to do many adjustments to the door.

Lockstation supply all sorts of Mortice Locks with different security rating from the EZlok 3 lever Horizontal sashlock, to the British Standard Era Fortress Deadlock. We also supply all the FB Mortice locks which can be used in places the Fire Brigade and Councils need access to.