Panic Escape Hardware

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  1. Briton 372 Push Pad Vertical Bolt
    As low as £150.29 £125.24
  2. Adams Rite 4591 Paddle Handle ( Screw In Style )
    As low as £317.68 £264.73
  3. Union EN179 Silver Push Pad Bolt
    As low as £98.99 £82.49
  4. Union Eximo CE Rated EN1125/179 Silver Panic Latch Bar
    As low as £81.95 £68.29
  5. Union Eximo EN1125 Silver Double Panic Bolt
    As low as £179.87 £149.89
  6. Dorgard Door Closer
    £225.66 £188.05
  7. Kingpin Escape Bolt
    £118.09 £98.41
  8. ezlok Outside Access Device
    £108.84 £90.70
  9. Alpro 5245 Paddle Handle
    £50.63 £42.19
  10. Briton 376E Single Panic Bolt
    £143.64 £119.70
  11. Briton 377 Double Panic Bolt
    £247.80 £206.50
  12. Redlam Panic Bolt MK1
    £31.88 £26.57

Items 1-36 of 52

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Escape routes are a necessity in any types of building or premises and these all need to be easily accessible and opened instantly in any type of emergency. These doors also need to be locked at points when they’re not in use, which is where Panic Escape Hardware comes into place. Types of commonly used Panic Escape Hardware would be Push Bars, Door closers, Escape Bolts, Emergency key boxes and many more.

Product such as the Redlam Fire bolt require you to break a ceramic tube with a small hammer in order to open the door, but don’t worry spare tubes are supplied through us to enable your businesses escape routes to be back in action before you know it. Whereas other panic hardware would just require you to push the bar and or button in order to open the door.