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  1. Ifam Adjustable Hasp
    £17.30 £14.42
  2. ezlok Oval Padbolt
    £6.59 £5.49
  3. Maxus Weatherproof Padlock
    £11.36 £9.47
  4. Viro Brass Euro Padlock
    £60.59 £50.49
  5. Viro Chain Link Padlock
    £49.49 £41.24
  6. Viro Totem Chain Padlock
    £42.20 £35.17
  7. Master Excel Discus Padlock
    £17.84 £14.87
  8. Squire LB1 Staple Set
    £11.64 £9.70

Items 1-36 of 114

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Set Descending Direction

Padlocks are most commonly used with either hasps, chains and staples and they are suitable for adding that extra bit of security in so many ways. They can be used for locking up bikes, suitcases, on sheds, on gates and in so many other ways.

Padlocks also come in a variety of security ratings from a small Tri Circle Brass padlock, to a high security Grade 4 CEN stronghold Squire Padlock. They are also available in different shackle types, such as a straight shackle padlock, your standard open shackle padlock, or a closed shackle padlock designed to have that additional security and protection from anyone attempting to cut through the shackle.

At Lockstation we can also supply padlocks which will be more suitable for the areas they’re going, such as the marine grade padlocks which are more suited for places near the beach or sea water. These padlocks are ideal for beach huts and houses near the water.