Door Reinforcements

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  1. Doorguard Bar
    £19.75 £16.46
  2. Doorguard Grille
    £156.14 £130.12
  3. ezlok Garage Door Bolt
    £10.21 £8.51
  4. ezlok Hinge Bolts
    £7.50 £6.25
  5. ezlok Door Chain Mirror
    £2.57 £2.14
  6. ERA 740 Hinge Bolts
    £11.60 £9.67
  7. Yale WS12 Hinge Bolts
    £18.16 £15.13
  8. Rola R7/01 Hinge Bolts
    £7.21 £6.01
  9. Squire Recodeable Combination Locking Tower Bolt
    As low as £16.58 £13.82
  10. ezlok Black Tower Bolt
    As low as £3.13 £2.61

Items 1-36 of 79

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Door Reinforcements come in many different variety’s and types, these are all designed to add extra protection and security to your door. They can be used on any door whether it be internal or external, as a lot of these reinforcements can be weather resistant.

Different types of door reinforcements include door chains, hinge bolts, cylinder guards, flush bolts, anti-thrust plates and so much more. We also have Birmingham bars available, which are used to strengthen the framework on the hinge side of your door, resisting chisel and jemmy attacks.

Security bars are also common such as the Mater 265D door security bar, which stops anyone from being able to force entry from outside your door, and they are portable allowing you to use these anywhere at any time.