Nightlatches & Rim Locks

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  1. Maxus MX630 Rim Deadlock
    £14.60 £12.17
  2. Maxus MX631 Rim Sashlock
    £17.35 £14.46
  3. TSS 6 Pin Modern Non-Deadlocking Nightlatch 40mm
    £17.17 £14.31
  4. TSS Traditional Nightlatch
    £10.98 £9.15
  5. TSS Double Handed Rim Sashlock
    £12.79 £10.66
  6. TSS 6 Pin Modern Non-Deadlocking Nightlatch 60mm
    £17.40 £14.50
  7. ERA 177 Rim Sashlock Grey
    £27.83 £23.19
  8. Legge 2136 Rim Sashlock
    £27.59 £22.99
  9. TSS 5 Pin Modern Deadlocking Nightlatch 40mm
    £17.17 £14.31
  10. TSS 5 Pin Modern Non Deadlocking Nightlatch 40mm
    £20.06 £16.72
  11. TSS 5 Pin 60mm Modern Deadlocking Nightlatch
    £21.06 £17.55
  12. Legge 2144 Rim Deadlock
    £21.26 £17.72
  13. Carlisle Brass Budget Non Deadlocking Nightlatch
    £28.84 £24.03
  14. TSS 6 Pin Modern Deadlocking Nightlatch 40mm
    £17.17 £14.31
  15. Yale 334 Rim Sashlock
    £16.88 £14.07
  16. Yale 401 Rim Sashlock
    £16.88 £14.07
  17. Yale 402 Rim Deadlock
    £17.56 £14.63
  18. Budget Deadlock Nightlatch
    £33.88 £28.23
  19. Maxus Traditional Nightlatch
    £12.44 £10.37

Items 1-36 of 80

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Set Descending Direction

Nightlatches and Rim locks are fitted to the face of your door, rather than being inserted into a pocket of the door like mortice locks. These types of locks are usually used with a rim cylinder however, you can get some with single euro cylinders. These are for use with a key on the outside, and a turn or lever on the inside which can be operated by hand.

These can either be found on doors that need additional security, on their own, or on doors which cannot have a mortice lock in due to the thickness of the door. If these are being used on a front door, you can use the snib function on them, which allows you to close the door without being locked out/ needing to use your key to get back in. This function is ideal for when people need to come in and out of the property throughout the day.

These locks can be used for both inward and outward opening doors dependant on the lock. A commonly purchased one for outward opening doors would be the SC73, whereas the SC71 is used for inward opening. These are both manufactured by Ingersoll, however we do have many other brands such as Yale, Union, Ifam, Era, EZlok and many more.