Gate Locks

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  1. Viro V06 - Electric Lock
    £89.00 £74.17
  2. Welka Gate Lock Cylinder
    £34.68 £28.90
  3. Cisa 11630 Electric Nightlatch Rim Lock With Hold Back for Timber Doors
    £186.98 £155.82
  4. Gatemate Rim Gate Lock
    £61.52 £51.27
  5. Cisa 11931 Electric Rim Lock With Hold Back For Metal Doors & Gates
    £165.70 £138.08
  6. Cisa 11610 Electric Nightlatch Rim Lock For Metal Doors and Gates
    £148.58 £123.82
  7. Cisa 11921 Electric Rim Lock For Metal Doors & Gates
    £178.69 £148.91
  8. Borg 3000 Series Digital Gate Lock
    £135.85 £113.21
  9. Gatemaster Double Throw Euro Deadlock and Rim Fixing Box
    £59.95 £49.96
  10. Gatemaster Heavy Duty Double Throw Euro Deadlock
    £98.59 £82.16
  11. Gatemaster Euro Double Throw Sashlock
    £85.86 £71.55
  12. Gatemaster Bolt On Gate Deadlock
    £87.80 £73.17
  13. Viro V97 - Inward Opening
    £105.40 £87.83
  14. Viro V97 - Outward Opening
    £107.41 £89.51
  15. Viro Blockout Lock
    £115.62 £96.35
  16. Cisa Coil To Suit 11610 Series Electronic Locks
    £32.40 £27.00
  17. Gatemaster Euro Deadbolt
    £60.62 £50.52
  18. Hook Lock For Sliding Gates
    £69.29 £57.74
  19. Welka Gate Sashlock
    £105.65 £88.04
  20. Viro V09 Easy Fitting Kit
    £285.97 £238.31

31 Items

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Gate locks are the ideal solution for additional security for both commercial and residential areas. These secure the premises and stop any unwanted access. They come in so many different types such as inward and outward opening, electric rim locks, electric deadlocks, double throw sashlocks and so much more.  These are available in different sizes from 37mm to 70mm backsets, therefore being suitable for a much wider range of gates and making them an easy fitting replacement. Thy not only come in different sizes, but different finishes too. Lockstation supply these in Black, Polishes Brass, Silver or Black and Grey.

Lockstation supply the accessories to suit also, such as the strike plates, Cisa Coil to suit the electronic locks and even the V06 easy fitting kit. This kit has everything you need from housings, fixings and a hardened rotating spike deadbolt.

You can get all sorts of gate locks all in different brands from EZlok, Gatemaster, Viro, Cisa and loads more.