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  1. Yale Smart Lock Remote Fob
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  2. Visonic PowerMax GSM Dialler
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  3. Sure Standalone Alarm
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  4. Yale Keyless Smart Lock Proximity Tag
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  5. Visonic PowerMax MCT-320 Door Contact
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Alarms are a very common security device which can be found in all kinds of commercial or residential areas. They can detect shock and movement in areas and once activated they will set off a loud noise scaring off the predator. Alarms can be self-triggered or automatic and both are just effective as each other in any threatening situation.

Personal Alarms are a type of alarm which can be carried on you at any time, and these are commonly self-triggered. This type of alarm can come in different varieties such as our gas operated personal alarm, or our battery-operated personal alarm or torch.

 Dummy alarms are also a common device purchased, as these still scare off any unwanted people from the area, however, are a lot cheaper.