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  1. ezlok Key Safe
    £28.07 £23.39
  2. Yale Y500 Key Safe
    £37.48 £31.23
  3. Master Lock ML5415 Key Safe
    £62.77 £52.31
  4. Master 5401 Mini Key Safe
    £40.15 £33.46
  5. Master 5403 Large Key Safe
    £52.66 £43.88
  6. Abus 787 Key Garage Key Safe
    £40.52 £33.77
  7. Pheonix KS1 Key Safe
    £35.23 £29.36
  8. Squire Key Keep Key Safe
    £30.97 £25.81
  9. Supra Permanent Key Safe
    £69.65 £58.04
  10. Supra Slimline GE Key Safe
    £76.10 £63.42
  11. Supra S7 Big Box Key Safe
    £90.71 £75.59
  12. Supra Portable Key Safe
    £60.48 £50.40
  13. Maxus Push Button Key Safe
    £48.88 £40.73
  14. TSS Medium Wall Mounted Combination Key Safe
    £22.42 £18.68

20 Items

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Key Safes are small lockable boxes which usually have a key capacity of 1-6 keys. They have a combination entrance, and they’re used to store your keys in. These are ideal to have outside your front door, in which you or a family member can access the key to get into the house in case of any emergency.

These key safes come in a variety of finishes allowing you to best match it to its surroundings, for this to not stick out due to security purposes. These are also available in multiple sizes, which would make a different to the key capacity and the areas in which this would fit around the building.

These are ideal for forgetful people who don’t always remember to pick up their keys, or for elderly people who may needs carers to have access into their home. Lockstation supply all different kind from popular manufactures such as Yale, Master, EZlok, Lockey, Squire and so many more.