Lock Keeps & Strike Plates

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  1. Faceplate To Suit Union 2077
    As low as £3.35 £2.79
  2. Strike/Keep Plate To Suit Union 2077 Horizontal Locks
    As low as £2.08 £1.73
  3. Faceplate To Suit Union 2177
    As low as £4.56 £3.80
  4. Box Keep To Suit Union Strongbolt 2200 Sashlocks
    As low as £6.89 £5.74
  5. Faceplate To Suit Union 2277
    As low as £7.69 £6.41
  6. Faceplate To Suit ERA Fortress Deadlocks
    As low as £1.64 £1.37
  7. Box Keep To Suit ERA Fortress 262, 362 Sashlock
    As low as £4.24 £3.53
  8. Faceplate To Suit Union Strongbolt Sashlocks
    As low as £1.38 £1.15
  9. ezlok Electric Strike Mortice Face Plate
    As low as £2.96 £2.47
  10. Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch Strike Plate
    As low as £68.39 £56.99
  11. Yale 80 Series Nightlatch Reverse Strike Plate
    As low as £6.13 £5.11
  12. ERA Budget Lock Strike
    £3.02 £2.52

Items 1-36 of 56

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Strike plates are designed to provide protection around and on the frame , therefore ensuring the lock does not damage it in anyway.

These are available in a wide variety of sizes, to allow them to be suitable for all types of locks whether it be a Deadlock, Sashlock or just a basic Cam lock. They also come in all different finishes, which allow them to match other furniture around the door frame, and to also match the lock itself. These can either come with the lock, or individually, or as replacements for damaged ones which may be in use already.

Common manufactures for these keeps and strike plates are Union, Yale, EZlok, Maxus and many others. Our large selection at Lockstation always helps you to find the correct one suitable for your frame, with little hassle or adjustments when changing for suitable replacements.