Patio Door Locks

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  1. TSS Patio Door Lock
    £5.38 £4.48
  2. TSS Multi Purpose Patio Door Bolt
    £25.01 £20.84
  3. VERSA Patio Door Repair Kit
    £79.22 £66.02
  4. Savio Bi Fold Door Handle
    £72.70 £60.58
  5. ezlok H03 Patio Door Lock
    £37.39 £31.16
  6. Universal Patio Door Lock
    £46.88 £39.07
  7. VERSA Patio Door Lock
    £49.73 £41.44
  8. Fuhr 2518 Patio Door Lock
    £70.55 £58.79
  9. GU Quattro Patio Door Lock
    £172.80 £144.00
  10. ERA 805 Universal Pressbolt
    £21.00 £17.50
  11. ERA 806 Universal Pressbolt
    £32.71 £27.26
  12. ezlok Patio Door Push Bolt
    £8.04 £6.70
  13. Yale P124 Patio Door Lock
    £15.76 £13.13
  14. Maxus Patio Door Push Lock
    £12.10 £10.08
  15. Ezlok Key Locking Button Push Patio Door and Window Lock
    £5.74 £4.78
  16. Siegenia Top Gliders
    £17.29 £14.41

Items 1-36 of 41

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Patio door locks are essential in the home, not only to add security to the house, but to also keep the door from sliding open. They usually work with the use of hooks which are thrown out into keeps on the frame.

Patio door locks are usually a lot smaller than other door locks and they mostly work alongside the handle sets. Lockstation supply a wide range of sizes of these locks, enabling you to find the correct replacement for your door easily with minimal adjustments. We have also got the full set with the Mila fearless, which comes with handles and the lockcase and hooks.

We supply Patio Door locks in all the popular manufacturers such Adams Rite, Schlegel and EZlok and they are also available in multiple finishes allowing you to match them with the other furniture in the house.