Cabinet & Cam Locks

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  1. Maxus Combination Cam Lock
    £15.20 £12.67
  2. Maxus Pedestal Desk Lock
    £8.08 £6.73
  3. Viro Push In Furniture Lock
    £18.73 £15.61
  4. Maxus Padlockable Cam Lock
    £12.36 £10.30
  5. Viro Brass Cam Lock
    £14.04 £11.70
  6. ezlok 2 Lever Till/Drawer Lock
    As low as £29.14 £24.28
  7. Assa Abloy 290251 Coin Cam Lock
    As low as £130.73 £108.94

Items 1-36 of 127

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Cabinet and Cam Locks are available in a variety of different locking types, such as key operated, padlockable or combination. These types of locks are used for so many different purposes, a few examples of places to find these would be in lockers, cash boxes, filing storage and desk drawers. These locks not only protect items being taken out of these places without invitation, however also protect them from unwanted prying.

Many of these cam locks come with a cam bar, however there are a few such as the Assa Abloy Padlockable Cam Lock, which the cam Bar can be supplied separately for. Lockstation also supply cam bars separately in case the cam bar supplied with the lock is not long enough, or too long for the object you need to put the lock into.

These locks are not only light weight, but they are very simple and easy to fit making them the ideal solution for locking up your belongings.

Another couple of popular cam locks are the gas meter cam lock, which uses a triangular key, or the tubular cam locks which are usually found on snooker tables or fruit machines.