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  1. Viro Screw In Hookbolt
    £50.65 £42.21
  2. Crompton Foot Bolt
    £13.98 £11.65
  3. Gatemaster Alloy Handle Set
    £14.29 £11.91
  4. GC2000 Gate Closer
    £74.80 £62.33
  5. ezlok Door & Gate Spring
    £6.85 £5.71
  6. ezlok Auto Gate Latch
    £4.30 £3.58
  7. ezlok Ring Gate Latch
    £9.23 £7.69
  8. ezlok Foot Bolt
    £10.02 £8.35
  9. ezlok Chain Bolt
    £10.02 £8.35
  10. Gatemaster Weldable Rear Handle Shroud
    As low as £46.37 £38.64
  11. Gatemaster Weldable Mounting Box For Panic Exit Pad and Digital Lock
    As low as £36.92 £30.77
  12. Crompton Monkey Tail Door Bolt
    As low as £19.62 £16.35
  13. Crompton 1819 Automatic Gate Latch
    As low as £2.28 £1.90
  14. Crompton 1136 Gate Latch Plain Handle
    As low as £3.90 £3.25
  15. Crompton 0020 Light Suffolk Latch
    As low as £2.98 £2.48
  16. Ezlok Bow Handle Bolt
    As low as £13.48 £11.23

30 Items

per page
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Gate hardware helps to secure your property from the very beginning, therefore lessening the risk to your house or building. Gate hardware covers a variety of products including handles, latches, bolts, Gate closers, Rim boxes and so much more.

Lockstation supply hinges for gates too, which hold the gate securely into place, as well as springs which pull the gate shut automatically to save you from closing it behind you. We cover a wide range of products covering manufacturers such as Gatemaster, Viro, EZlok, Crompton and many more.

All these products in our gate hardware section are available in multiple sizes, therefore coving a wide range of gates and ensuring you find the correct one for you.