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  1. TSS Oval Double Cylinders
    £10.37 £8.64
  2. Iseo R5 Oval Double Cylinder
    £22.18 £18.48
  3. ERA Oval Double 6 Pin Cylinder
    £13.70 £11.42
  4. Union 2X6 Oval Double Cylinder
    £52.06 £43.38
  5. GeGe pExtra Plus British Standard Oval Double Cylinder
    £52.92 £44.10
  6. Cisa 08210 Small 5 Pin Oval Double Cylinder
    £24.30 £20.25

7 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Oval Double Cylinder locks are designed to be fitted into any type of door, and for uses in some multipoint locks, mortice oval cases, or rim oval cases. 

These cylinders are available in a large range of finishes such as; Polished or Satin Chrome, Polished or Satin Bass, Nickel and many more.

Oval Double Cylinders are available here at Lockstation in many different sizes, such as 30/30mm, 35/35mm, 30/40mm ect. 

They also come in a large amount of different secutiry ratings, like British Standard, Anti Pick, Anti Drill, Anti Bump, Anti Snap, Snap Safe, ect. Some Oval cylinders even come with key cards, or can be restricted keys. This means that only you and the supplier can get additonal keys. This eliminates anyone finding keys that you may of misplaced, and going to get them cut at any local key cutters. 


Oval Double Cylinders can be purchased through Lockstation keyed to differ, keyed alike or even Master keyed.