Cylinder Locks

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  1. Union Screw In Cylinders Pair
    £106.22 £88.52
  2. Viro Screw In Cylinders Pair
    £61.26 £51.05
  3. Banham M2002 Original Cylinder
    £357.94 £298.28
  4. TSS 6 Pin Rim Cylinder
    £9.49 £7.91
  5. TSS 5 Pin Rim Cylinder
    £6.97 £5.81
  6. TSS Screw In Cylinder (Pair)
    £21.89 £18.24
  7. Welka Gate Lock Cylinder
    £34.68 £28.90
  8. Union 2X13 Oval Key and Turn Cylinders
    £45.26 £37.72
  9. ABS Euro Single Cylinders British Standard Kitemarked TS007 3*
    £54.92 £45.77
  10. Viro Armoured Rim Cylinder
    £41.89 £34.91
  11. GEGE pExtra Euro Single Cylinders Turn Only
    £28.16 £23.47
  12. Gege pExtra Plus Ingersoll Rim Cylinder
    £69.68 £58.07

Items 1-36 of 161

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Cylinder locks are available in so many different sizes and finishes, and Lockstation can supply these either keyed to differ keyed alike or master keyed depending on your needs.

When deciding on which size cylinder you need, you need to ensure you have measured not only the door, but the handle widths too so they cylinder isn’t hidden inside the handles. The cylinder / Barrel lock is also more secure if they are flush with the door, handles or the escutcheons as this will prevent the cylinder being easily snapped from overhanging.

Cylinders can come in either euro, Scandinavian or oval, however the most commonly used one is euro as these are suitable for most UPVC doors as well as many other things. These locks can also be supplied as a standard key and key, or with key and thumbturn meaning you can lock the door from the inside with the thumbturn instead of having to use the key indoors.

When trying to source a replacement cylinder, we always recommend checking with your insurance company first, as most insurance companies will require you to have a British Standard Cylinder to meet their regulations.