Roller Shutter Locks

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  1. Mico Kawakami Shutter Lock
    £15.76 £13.13
  2. Portico FF Shutter Lock
    £32.76 £27.30
  3. Tessi Shutter Lock
    £24.58 £20.48
  4. Geba 1 Way Key Switch
    £40.01 £33.34
  5. Geba 2 Way Key Switch
    £39.40 £32.83
  6. Bulldog Shutter Lock
    £186.89 £155.74
  7. Viro Condor Ground Unit
    £119.80 £99.83
  8. ezlok Shutter Lock 155mm x 55mm
    £17.02 £14.18
  9. ezlok Shutter Lock 155mm x 42mm
    £26.84 £22.37
  10. Viro 55mm Roller Shutter Lock
    £25.74 £21.45

22 Items

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Roller Shutter Locks are most commonly used with shop fronts or garage roller shutters which need securing. These are available in different sizes and brands such as Viro, EZlok, Tessi ect, which allows you to get the exact replacement needed.

These Roller Shutter Locks are locked and unlocked using a key, which throws out arms that are attached to rods on the shutter. This locks the roller shutter at both ends allowing more security in the premises.

They are not only available in case widths from 86mm to 215mm, but also available in different cylinder diameters and projections. This enables you to lock roller shutters of all sizes.