Vehicle Locks & Accessories

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  1. ERA Van Block Lock
    £41.66 £34.72
  2. Master 377 Hitch Lock
    £48.60 £40.50
  3. ezlok Universal Wheel Clamp
    £87.32 £72.77
  4. PJB Folded Vehicle Anchor
    £22.57 £18.81
  5. ezlok Fold Down Parking Post
    £69.85 £58.21
  6. Viro Security Van Lock
    £171.46 £142.88
  7. Autolok Anti Ram Parking Post
    £264.92 £220.77
  8. Autolok Mole Parking Post
    £213.86 £178.22
  9. Viro CEN Grade 6 Truck Lock
    £283.50 £236.25

28 Items

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Vehicle Locks & Accessories include products from Folding parking posts, Wheel Clamps, and even Motorcycle locks. These not only add additional security to vehicles, but also to buildings and workplaces.

Vehicle locks & Accessories are used to keep unwanted bulgers and thief’s away and stop any unauthorised access. The wheel clamps stop anyone from taking and driving away in any motorbikes, vans or cars, and the Ezlok Parking posts prevent any vehicle from getting through certain areas.

Parking posts, such as the Autolok fold down one, are padlockable which allows you to keep them secure as well as the area you need to protect. Parking posts are also kept upright with Padlocks, and the type you need for this will be called a ‘Discus’ Padlock.

You can also get Motorcycle Disc Locks, which come in a variety of sizes and finishes. These can also sound an alarm which can scare away any unwanted thief’s from stealing not only the bike but anything in it.