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  1. ezlok Document Deed Box
    £27.29 £22.74
  2. Yale YLB200 Laptop Safe
    £199.67 £166.39
  3. Maxus Push Button Key Safe
    £48.88 £40.73
  4. Phoenix Key Cabinet
    £23.15 £19.29
  5. TSS Medium Wall Mounted Combination Key Safe
    £22.42 £18.68
  6. ezlok Key Safe
    £28.07 £23.39
  7. Yale Small Home Safe
    £62.47 £52.06
  8. Yale Medium Home Safe
    £81.20 £67.67
  9. Yale Underfloor Home Safe
    £92.12 £76.77
  10. Yale Y500 Key Safe
    £37.48 £31.23
  11. Master Lock ML5415 Key Safe
    £62.77 £52.31
  12. Master 5401 Mini Key Safe
    £40.15 £33.46
  13. Master 5403 Large Key Safe
    £52.66 £43.88
  14. Abus 787 Key Garage Key Safe
    £40.52 £33.77
  15. Pheonix KS1 Key Safe
    £35.23 £29.36
  16. Squire Key Keep Key Safe
    £32.71 £27.26

Items 1-36 of 48

per page
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Safes are the ideal way to keep personal, or work, belongings safe in the house or office. There are many variants of safes, such as key safes, cash boxes, paper safes and even disguised safes. The key safes are usually designed with a combination on the front to gain excess and you can store house keys inside. They also come with hooks on the inside and a key entrance, these types are ideal for hotels and any buildings with a large amount of rooms that each stay locks and need a key for entrance.

The cash boxes are very common to be kept in small shops, or offices. They can also be used for charity events, or stalls in fairs ect. These cash boxes can also hold coin trays in which help to divide the money into sections, making it easier to give the correct change to a customer at charity cake stands, or stalls at fates.

You can also get underfloor safes, which are designed to be kept in hidden areas. These are used to store up to a certain amount of cash value, or amount in belongings such as jewellery.