Commercial Locks

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  1. Adams Rite 4750 Euro Deadlatch Case
    £109.15 £90.96
  2. Alpro 5218 Screwin Hookbolt Case for Metal Doors
    £22.98 £19.15
  3. Alpro 5222 Euro Hookbolt Case for Metal Doors
    £19.18 £15.98
  4. Alpro 5245 Screwin Deadlatch Case for Metal Doors
    £22.98 £19.15
  5. Alpro 5245 Euro Deadlatch Case for Metal Doors
    £22.98 £19.15
  6. CES 5530 Euro Mortice Deadlock for Metal Doors
    £49.43 £41.19
  7. Santos 9050 Euro Mortice Sashlock for Metal Doors
    £24.25 £20.21
  8. Santos 9054 Euro Mortice Deadlock for Metal Doors
    £17.23 £14.36
  9. Adams Rite MS1850 Screw In Hookbolt Case
    £58.49 £48.74
  10. Adams Rite MS1850S Deadbolt Case
    £58.49 £48.74
  11. Adams Rite MS2200 Deadbolt Case
    £30.64 £25.53
  12. Adams Rite MS220 Hookbolt Case
    £29.15 £24.29
  13. Adams Rite Sentinel 2600 Euro Hookbolt Case
    £42.26 £35.22
  14. Adams Rite 4710 Screw-In Deadlatch Case
    £125.68 £104.73
  15. Viro Screw In Deadlatch Case
    £71.45 £59.54
  16. ezlok Euro Hook Bolt Case
    £22.92 £19.10
  17. ezlok Screw In Deadlatch Case
    £9.00 £7.50
  18. ezlok Screw In Hook Bolt Case
    £36.14 £30.12
  19. Alpro 5218 Rim Mortice Narrow Stile Long Throw Barbolt Deadlocks
    £22.98 £19.15
  20. Alpro 5222 Euro Profile Narrow Style Barbolt Deadlock
    £19.18 £15.98

32 Items

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Commercial locks are specifically designed for work buildings such as warehouses and industrial properties, to ensure they have extra protection and security. They are also designed to last longer, therefore saving the business from continuously having to invest in new locks and any adjustments over the years. Commercial locks last longer due to the materials they are made from and the way they are specially crafted in different forms.

Some types of commercial locks you can get are made as deadbolts and or hookbolt cases, and the way you determine which one you need is from the type of door you they are being fitted into. These locks either use a euro cylinder, or more commonly, a screw in cylinder. Some are however designed for use with electrical locks, which would mean a keyless entry, such as the Lockey Digital Deadbolt case.

Lockstation supply all types of commercial locks in multiple backsets, bolt projection lengths and manufacturers such as Adams Rite and Viro, therefore allowing you to find the one best suited for you and your business.