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  1. Era Cloud Video Doorbell White
    £285.24 £237.70
  2. Access Control Junction Boxes
    £0.32 £0.27
  3. ezlok CCTV Warning Sign
    £8.45 £7.04
  4. ezlok 19" CCTV Monitor
    £195.77 £163.14
  5. ezlok 8 Way Power Splitter
    £10.22 £8.52
  6. Ezlok BNC "T" Adapter
    £1.61 £1.34
  7. ezlok PIR 'Spy' Camera
    £58.88 £49.07
  8. ezlok PTZ Joystick Controller
    £154.08 £128.40
  9. ezlok CCTV Connector Kit
    £89.52 £74.60
  10. RJ45 Strain Relief Boots
    £0.28 £0.23
  11. RJ45 Plugs 8P8C 15U
    £4.09 £3.41
  12. Seagate Sata DVR Hard Drive
    £124.66 £103.88
  13. Ezlok BNC Video & Power Cable
    £13.82 £11.52

Items 1-36 of 40

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CCTV systems are ideal for both residential and commercial areas. They are commonly found in vulnerable areas, areas which may be high risk to burglaries or vandalism. Having a CCTV camera in an area, functioning or dummy unit, will scare off predators and warn any potential criminals.

Dummy CCTV Camera are often used as they not only scare off any criminals, but they are also a low cost, effective method of security in any area. They make people believe you are recording them, which gives them the incentive to leave the area, or behave due to them believing they’re being monitored. These can also be weatherproof, allowing them to be kept outdoors overlooking any driveways, car parks or building entrances.

Lockstation also supply accessories for the CCTV cameras, such as BNC connectors, warning signs, hard drives and many more.